FAQ: How Much Are Marble Lamps Worth?

How do you know if a lamp is valuable?

Lamps are often more valuable when left in an original condition with most or all the original parts. Lightly scratch the underside of the lamp surface to determine the type of material it is made from. Some lamps may appear to be made of metal, but they might also be painted to look and feel just like metal.

What is a good price for a lamp?

If you really want a stylish lamp that is made from higher quality materials you are looking at $150 or more per lamp retail at minimum … Unless you’re regularly cruising through Home Goods and stumble on a great deal!

How do you know if a lamp is vintage?

Antique lamps should feature hand-painted designs, so look for brush marks. If the work is perfectly smooth, it might be a decal. You can also identify a decal by touch — decals are smooth, while paint feels textured. Generally, the presence of decals indicates a modern reproduction rather than an antique.

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How much are old Stiffel lamps worth?

At Justcollecting.com when discussing Vintage Stiffel Lamps they are said to rarely hit auction houses and only usually go for between $100 and $500.

Should a bedside lamp be higher than the headboard?

As a general rule of thumb, the lamp must at least occupy one-third of the top of your bedside table. It’s not a set rule though and you may find tables 2 inches higher or lower than the bed level. Whatever the height of your bedside table, it will affect the height of your lamp too.

What lamp is best for reading?

3. Choices in Reading Lights. So what is the perfect light for reading? No matter what your personal lamp style, experts say that halogen and fluorescent bulbs generally do a better job of illuminating reading material than normal incandescent bulbs.

Can you use a desk lamp as a bedside lamp?

In reality, you could use a floor lamp or a desk lamp to read in bed (and many people do). We focused on shades and on lamps’ specific tasks, as well as on space-saving designs for setting a lamp on or near a nightstand.

Can you tell how old a lamp is by the plug?

In an electric lamp, the cord often reveals the clue to the lamp’s age, unless the cord has been replaced. Inspect the cord; if it looks old, the lamp probably is as well. The metal prongs on the plug are likely the same size, rather than one end that is larger than the other.

How do I know if my old lamp is safe?

Look at the plug.

  1. Non-polarized plug with scotch tape.
  2. Non-polarized plug without insulated cover.
  3. non polarized plug made from rubber.
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How can you tell how old a hurricane lamp is?

Look closely for any company stamp or production dates on the metal parts, such as the base or the portion that contains the wick. If you find markings, this can be a clue as to who made the lamp — and when. Check out the base. Older lamps have a heavy metal base, but newer versions are not very heavy.

Are Stiffel lamps still being made?

Proudly all of our products are still made in America, at our 40,000 square foot facility in Linden, NJ. If you take pride in possessing the unusual as well as the finest, then Stiffel should be your choice in lamps. Precise craftsmanship and magnificent design combine to make Stiffel Lamps the world’s finest.

What are old brass lamps worth?

At auction the price can range wildly from $5-$200 per lamp, depending on the condition, working, pitting and the shade being present or not.

What are the most collectible lamps?


  3. TIFFANY WISTERIA LAMP – $ 1,565,000.
  4. CHANDELIER SALVIATI – $ 1,000,000.

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