FAQ: How To Cut Cultured Marble Vanity Top?

What kind of blade do you use to cut cultured marble?

Regardless which tool you end up using, a carbide or diamond blade will be required to properly cut through the cultured marble. All of the supplies and tools can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

Can cultured marble be cut?

The safest way to cut cultured marble is to treat it like real marble and cut it with a grinder. You can use an angle grinder or you can fit your circular saw with a grinder blade. If you could use a wet saw, water would automatically cool the blade.

How do you cut cultured marble panels?

For shower pan areas or bathtubs, a jigsaw and router are the most commonly used tools because of their ease of use in tight areas. But by far the safest way to cut through a cultured marble countertop is to use a circular saw or grinder. You may even use an angle grinder or fit a grinder blade on your circular saw.

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Can you cut a bathroom vanity top?

The vanity base can be easily trimmed to fit, but I do not have any experience trimming the vanity top material.

How do you shine cultured marble?

If the cultured marble surface still isn’t smooth and shiny, try wet sanding with 1,000-grit wet/dry sandpaper (also available at auto supply stores), followed by buffing with rubbing and polishing compounds to remove any scratches from the sandpaper.

Can I cut marble with an angle grinder?

Marble is a natural material used in the construction industry for flooring and countertop fabrication. Patience and the proper blade are crucial to avoid damaging the marble, which could be expensive to replace. A grinder is an ideal power tool to cut marble when outfitted with a diamond-cutting blade.

What is the difference between marble and cultured marble?

Real marble is a high-end, luxury natural stone quarried from the earth, and cultured marble isn’t, but it is related. Cultured marble is man-made, blending pulverized natural marble with synthetic resins and dyes. Once formed into a countertop, it’s coated with a clear, protective gel.

Is cultured marble the same as engineered marble?

Cultured marble is 75% marble dust combined with synthetic materials into a core mold with a hard gel-coat on top. Engineered marble is formed into slabs (95% crushed marble within resin) that are consistent through the full thickness of the slab, just like quartz countertops. A protective gel-coat is not applied.

What can I use to cut marble?

Cutting marble You can use an ordinary circular saw, equipped with a diamond blade, to wet-cut your marble. Because this will be a messy job and you’ll need your garden hose, you’ll want to work outdoors. Protect your marble slab by placing it on a 2-in. thick piece of rigid foam.

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What is cultured marble countertop?

Cultured marble is a blend of stone particles and resins that is combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and natural looking patterns – cultured marble, cultured granite, and cultured onyx among them. It is a porous material and is used architecturally for countertops.

Can you cut stone effects vanity top?

Q:Can the countertop be cut? A: Yes, but, it create fitment issues, and there are no end finish suggestions. They could be polished by a professional.

How do you measure for a bathroom vanity top?

Measure from front edge to back of your existing top, or add one inch to the depth measurement of your top-less cabinet. A common bathroom vanity size is 21D inches, which would mean a 22D-inch top.

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