FAQ: How To Get Marble In Blockheads?

How do you get fur in blockheads?

The most common way to obtain fur is by killing dropbears. You can also obtain fur by meditating. Fur can be used for crafting clothing (link unavailable?).

How do you craft in blockheads?

A crafting menu has a side-scrolling series of icons for the various things that can be created at that bench. Tapping on an icon will present the requirements for that item. If the blockhead has enough of the items available, the icon will have a green background and a green “Craft” button will be present.

How do you make a mirror in blockheads?

A mirror must be created at a woodwork bench. It takes one wood, one glass and one tin foil to make a mirror.

How do you get water in blockheads?

Harvesting[edit] It’s not possible to pick up water directly, but may be picked up and carried when frozen into ice and allowed to melt when placed later. Using a bucket on water will change the bucket into a bucket of water and removes the water from the affected space.

How do you make a tin bucket in blockheads?

It can be crafted from three tin ingots at a metalwork bench or its electric counterpart. Prior to version 1.4, it was crafted at the craft bench.

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How do you get milk in blockheads?

Milk is created when a bucket is used to act on an adult yak that has not been milked or shaved.

How do you make salt in blockheads?

10 Salt can be crafted at a Campfire using one Bucket Of Water. Salt is a useful food item used in many food-related recipes. An empty Tin Bucket will be returned after crafting.

How do you make plaster in blockheads?

Plaster can be made in batches of ten at a builder’s bench using one crushed limestone, one sand, one yak shaving and one bucket of water. An empty bucket will be returned after completion.

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