FAQ: How To Wrap A Marble With Wire?

How do you wrap a wire around a stone?

To bring the wire to the top of the stone, bend it up on the back of the stone. Start wrapping the top by just bending the wire to the side on the right height and wrapping it around again. Here you can also wrap about three times.

What kind of wire do you use to wrap stones?

The best wire gauge for wrapping stones is the 20-gauge wire. It is neither too hard to bend nor too soft to lose its shape easily.

How do you wire wrap pendants without holes?

Instructions: How To Wire Wrap Stone Without Holes

  1. Hold the wire from its open end and create a small loop using the looping pliers.
  2. Bend the wire to 90 degrees halfway through the pebble’s length.
  3. When wrapping the wire, keep the wraps even and adjacent, we don’t want too much gaps between the wraps.

How do you make a pendant wire wrapped stone?


  1. Cut the Wire. Cut two pieces of 24-gauge wire each at least 5 inches long.
  2. Twist the Wires Together for 1 Side.
  3. Align the Wire on the Stone.
  4. Twist the Wire to Form the Basket Base.
  5. Finish the Wire Twists for the Other Side.
  6. Secure the Stone.
  7. Twist the Wires Together.
  8. Secure the Wires.
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Should I use half hard or dead soft wire?

Half hard creates good sharp angles. Dead soft is typically used for wire weaving and wire wrapping, including wrapped cabochons and “sculpted” wire jewelry. Half hard is good for making components that need to hold their shape (ear wires, clasps, jump rings, necklace foundations, bracelet forms, etc.).

What is 24 gauge wire used for?

In a round shape, it can be used more aggressively in the same manners as the 26-gauge above, and in a square shape 24-gauge can be used to make frames and wire settings for smaller cabochons and faceted stones. It is also used to make individual jump rings and head pins, as well as wrapping the tops of briolettes.

What does dead soft copper wire mean?

Dead soft wire is extremely soft and pliable. It can be easily bent and is excellent for making rounded shapes such as spirals. It is also excellent for wrapping wire around beads to make them look as though they are encased.

How do you wire wrap crystals for beginners?


  1. Twist the Wires. Hold the two wires together, find the middle, and twist them around each other.
  2. Place Your Stone. Shape the two wires at the bottom of the twist to create a V.
  3. Wrap and Twist Some More.
  4. Cross and Continue.
  5. Create a Bail.

How do you wire wrap?

To accent the wires themselves, take 1 of the wires and use the pliers to wrap it around 2 of the other wires. Hold the 2 pieces of wire together, and start wrapping them near the base of the pendant. Wrap the wire around the other 2 pieces like a vine until you are satisfied with the look or until you run out of wire.

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What do you need to wire wrap crystals?


  1. 15″ piece – 18 gauge copper wire.
  2. Crystal point.
  3. Needle nose pliers.
  4. Round nose pliers.
  5. Wire cutters.
  6. Liver of sulfur (optional)

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