FAQ: What Frosting Goes With Marble Cake?

What is the best frosting to frost a cake with?

Expert baker: royal icing Royal icing is one of the best icings for decorating cakes. Mixing together powdered sugar, egg whites, and meringue powder or liquid provides a consistency relative to pancake batter. This makes it easy to pour into pastry bags to fulfill your decorating dreams.

What cake goes with buttercream frosting?

Add a Frosting: One of the best pairings with yellow cake is a simple Easy Chocolate Buttercream frosting. The richness of the cake balances perfectly with the sweetness of the icing, resulting in one delicious dessert!

Should I put cake in fridge before icing?

Don’t Frost a Warm Cake Baking pros in our test kitchen emphasize that it is essential to let the cake completely cool before frosting. Better yet, you can let the cake sit in the refrigerator for a while to make the process even easier.

Should I refrigerate cake after frosting?

When to Refrigerate Cakes Most cakes – frosted, unfrosted, cut, or uncut – are fine for several days when properly stored at room temperature. For frosted cakes, chill the cake uncovered for 15 minutes to harden the icing, then loosely wrap it in plastic wrap or put it in a cake keeper.

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How do you make marble effect icing?


  1. Start with at least two colors of fondant. Roll the two colors into equal length logs.
  2. Place the logs side by side and twist. Fold the log in half and twist again until the pieces begin to come together.
  3. Roll out the fondant to see the full marble effect.

How do you do a marble effect on a cake?


  1. Place your colored cake batters near your baking pan.
  2. Take 1/3 of your second colored batter.
  3. With the second 1/3 of the batter, create a second checkerboard pattern on top of the first.
  4. Repeat the pattern for a third and final layer with all the remaining batter.

How do you wrap a cake in buttercream?

So what is a Buttercream Wrapped Cake? Think of it as creating your own wallpaper for your cake! A buttercream design is pipped onto a piece of parchment or acetate and then applied to the cake by wrapping it around the cake. This technique is also referred to as Buttercream Transfer.

How do you keep buttercream white?

Summary on How to Make your Buttercream White

  1. Use the lightest color butter you can find.
  2. Whip the butter well before using it.
  3. Don’t use colored flavorings.
  4. Add a bit of violet color gel.
  5. Add bright white color gel.

What is the most popular cake filling?

We are starting the listing in no particular order, so choose the one you think is your type.

  1. American Buttercream. This is the most used cake filling across the world.
  2. Italian Meringue Buttercream.
  3. Swiss Meringue Buttercream.
  4. French Buttercream.
  5. German Buttercream.
  6. Ermine Buttercream.
  7. Chocolate Ganache.
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What 3 cake flavors go well together?

Top 3 Popular Cake Flavor Combinations

  • Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and mocha filling. True chocoholics would be hard pressed to resist such a decaying flavor profile.
  • Orange Cake with Vanilla Buttercream.
  • Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

What 2 cake flavors go well together?


  • Almond cake with Almond cream and White chocolate butter cream.
  • Apple cake with Salted Caramel frosting.
  • Banana cake with Caramel Cream cheese frosting.
  • Banana Cake with Nutella Buttercream.
  • Champagne cake with strawberry mousse and Champagne Buttercream.

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