FAQ: Where To Buy Marble Contact Paper?

Is marble contact paper durable?

Contact paper varies widely in its quality and durability. While some contact paper is resistant to heat and water, some can easily be damaged. Unlike options like granite, quartz, or marble, contact paper countertops are not necessarily designed for long-term use.

Does contact paper really work on countertops?

The contact paper is very durable, very thick, and VERY sticky, but pretty easy to work with. The best trick for working with it is to spray lots of water on the counter before applying the contact paper! If I had to do it over, I would even put just a tad bit of liquid dish soap in the water.

Can you put contact paper on marble?

I love using contact paper for a budget-friendly marble counter look. I find it really easy to install, it’s removable, easy to keep clean and I recently applied it to the island counter in my studio.

How do you seal marble contact paper?

If you don’t have edge strips, you can push the contact paper in to the back corner and cut the paper flush against the back of the counter. Use silicone or caulking in the best matching color along the back corner to seal it and give it a seamless finish.

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Does contact paper attract roaches?

As The Kitchn recently reported, cockroaches indeed have a penchant for contact paper, and while we may think that food is their only bait, the insects actually feast on everything from hair to paper, including your beloved sheets of contact paper.

How long does peel and stick countertop last?

For removal, he says to apply heat from a hair dryer at one corner to melt the adhesive, then slowly pull the counter up, heating and melting as you go. To give you an idea of quality and longevity, most warranties max out at about five years.

Will contact paper ruin cabinets?

The contact paper that lines the cupboard shelves and kitchen drawers protects the wood or other cabinet material. But it can become dated, torn or begin to lift from the corners and sides. The contact paper can be lifted from the surface with a good heat source.

Does contact paper ruin walls?

Contact paper? Not a good choice for walls. The adhesive on contact paper is very strong and very difficult to remove. Because the adhesive is also water-resistant, standard wallpaper removal products will not have any effect.

How do you put contact paper on without bubbles?

Press the exposed adhesive 1/4-inch section of the contact paper against the surface you wish to cover, using the fingertips of one hand. Work slowly from one corner of the strip to the other, smoothing and pushing the contact paper to avoid wrinkles and air bubbles.

Does contact paper come off easily?

It should be pretty easy to peel off. Just like applying it slowly, you should also be removing your contact paper slowly. This will ensure that it comes off all in one piece! IF you feel adhesive on your counters after the removal, use Goo-Gone OR Goof Off.

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What can I use to seal contact paper?

If you’re concerned about water and gunk getting underneath the edges of the contact paper in high traffic areas like the sink or stove, you can seal it with silicone caulk.

Can you cover contact paper with epoxy?

Step 1: lay out your contact paper, I got it over the edges a bit, and used the squeeegee to really get it down flat, keep lifting up and re/laying down until you have no bubbles.. Step 4: pour/brush/spread epoxy on the contact paper. I did mine really thin so I used a paintbrush to help brush it all over.

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