Question: How Far Is Marble Falls From Pedernales Falls?

What is there to do at Pedernales Falls?

5 Fun Things To Do In Pedernales Falls State Park:

  • Hike A Trail. The park offers over 20 miles of hiking trails, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Swim in the River. This is the best way to cool off in the Texas summer heat!
  • Tube / Canoe / Kayak.
  • Camp.
  • Mountain Biking.

How long does it take to hike Pedernales Falls?

6 hrs. Challenging STAYING SAFE JUNIPER RIDGE TRAIL Enjoy more technical, single-track mountain biking or just spend the day hiking this shade-covered trail.

Are there alligators in Pedernales River?

A swimming beach is set aside in a different area of the park. The park is not known as a great fishing spot, but fishing for catfish is said to be good following a river rise. Bass, perch and carp are listed in park literature. You can sometimes see large, prehistoric–looking alligator gar cruising the shadows.

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Does Pedernales Falls have water?

Camping at Pedernales is simple and straightforward: There are 69 sites with water and electricity, and a smattering of primitive campsites—note that it’s a two-mile hike, minimum, to the primitive sites.

Do you need reservations for Sculpture Falls?

Reservations are free and can be made online beginning August 1. If a computer is not available, visitors may leave a voicemail at 512-974-6797.

What do you wear to Pedernales Falls?

If you want to do a bit more exploring of the area, I suggest wearing hiking shoes because it’s rocky, slippery, and some places are covered with shrubs. If you’re looking to just relax, there is a small beach area where you can set out your towel, bring a cooler, and soak up some rays.

Can dogs swim at Pedernales Falls?

Pedernales Falls State Park Enjoy a day of swimming and wading with your dog as well as picnicking, camping, and hiking. Note: this park can experience dangerous flash floods. If you notice even a slight rise in the river, you should get to higher ground immediately.

Can you kayak at Pedernales Falls?

The park contains 8 miles of the Pedernales River as it meanders through plenty of hiking trails, a “beach” area for swimming, and plenty of places to enjoy nature. If you’d like to kayak, you can put your watercraft in at the swimming area or Trammell’s Crossing Trail.

What does Pedernales mean?

The name “Pedernales”, first used in the middle 18th century, comes from a Spanish word for the flint rocks characteristic of the riverbed.

Can you swim in the Pedernales River?

For your safety, we do not allow swimming and wading in the Pedernales Falls area. WARNING: The water in the river can rise from a placid stream to a raging torrent in a few minutes. If you are in the river area and notice the water rising or getting muddy, leave the river area immediately.

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Does Tyler State Park have alligators?

There are no alligators, and we did no see any snakes. We even asked about snakes and they are very rare there. There is a roped off area to swim at that was very nice.

Do alligators live in the Guadalupe River?

Alligators are an extremely rare sight in the Guadalupe River, but it has happened before. Back in 2016, a kayaker had the thrill of a lifetime while taking advantage of heavy rainfall near Edge Falls Road above Guadalupe River State Park. Just like snakes, alligators tend to avoid people.

Is there WiFi at Pedernales Falls State Park?

It was an excellent park, not all sites are level! We camped at Pedernales Falls State Park in a Motorhome. WiFi and cell worked fine near the park office but practically non existent in the campsites.

Are pets allowed at Pedernales Falls State Park?

Always keep your dog on a leash no longer than six feet in length and do not allow your dog to dig, disturb wildlife, or become a nuisance to other park visitors. In Texas state parks, pets are permitted in most campgrounds and trails, but are not allowed inside any buildings. Pedernales Falls State Park is open daily.

Can you swim at McKinney Falls?

Swimming at McKinney Falls State Park Speaking of the Upper Falls, there are two places to swim at the park: the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls. You can also jump off the falls into the swimming hole below, but make sure you pick the right place.

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