Quick Answer: How To Marble Frosting?

How do you make a cake look like marble?


  1. Place your colored cake batters near your baking pan.
  2. Take 1/3 of your second colored batter.
  3. With the second 1/3 of the batter, create a second checkerboard pattern on top of the first.
  4. Repeat the pattern for a third and final layer with all the remaining batter.

How do you make colored marble frosting?

Marble Drip Icing Add in drops of food coloring, or use a wooden popsicle stick to add drops of gel food coloring to the icing. Do not mix it. It will give it’s own marbling effect when it’s poured. Place the fondant cake on a cooling rack with a cookie sheet underneath.

How do you make light GREY buttercream?

To make gray using gel colors, add bright white coloring and a bit of black coloring to the frosting. Mix thoroughly and judge the color. If it still looks too light, add a few more drops of black coloring.

How do you wrap a cake in buttercream?

So what is a Buttercream Wrapped Cake? Think of it as creating your own wallpaper for your cake! A buttercream design is pipped onto a piece of parchment or acetate and then applied to the cake by wrapping it around the cake. This technique is also referred to as Buttercream Transfer.

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