Readers ask: How Do You Download Marble Blast Gold?

Can you still get Marble Blast Gold?

Users who purchased Marble Blast Gold from GarageGames prior to February 1, 2011, can still download it via GarageGames. InterActiveCorp has had agreed to maintain the license conditions stated in Marble Blast Gold, hence modifications and custom levels to this game can still be created.

Is Marble Blast safe to download?

That being said, you may safely add the Marble Blast Launcher executable to the list of exempt programs from your Anti-Virus software. We strongly recommend that users continue the good practice of having anti-virus and anti-malware software installed and updated on their systems for general protection.

Can you still buy Marble Blast Ultra?

GarageGames has since been reformed, but during the time between now and the shutting down of Instant Action many of their IP has been sold off. As such the rights to Marble Blast are gone, which explains why the game is no longer available on Xbox Live.

How do you unlock all levels in Marble Blast Gold?

To unlock a level, go to the locked level you want, and go to the bottom right-hand corner and click the mouse. You will have to unlock all non-qualified levels previous to the one you want to unlock in order for this to be effective.

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How many levels are in Marble Blast?

There are 100 levels, categorized by difficulty: 24 Beginner, 24 Intermediate, and 52 Advanced.

Can you still get Marble Blast?

Marble Blast Ultra, one of the earliest Xbox Live Arcade games, has been removed from the service. The game is no longer listed on the Xbox Live Marketplace, though its DLC packs are still currently available. The delisting, according to XBLA Fans, is the result of developer GarageGames’ recent and rocky history.

What happened to Marble Blast Ultra?

Marble Blast Ultra was removed from the Xbox Live Arcade on February 12, 2011. Users who purchased Marble Blast Ultra can still play it. At the time of its removal from Xbox Live Arcade, Marble Blast Ultra had sold more than 756,000 copies.

Is Marble Blast Ultra backwards compatible?

I enjoyed playing Marble Blast Ultra on the 360 and since it’s not backwards compatible, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this release.

How do you cheat on Marble Blast?

Marble Blast Cheats Press f10 to get cheat menu during gameplay.

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