Readers ask: How To Divide And Replant Marble Queen Plants?

How do you transplant a marble Queen pothos?

Poke a planting hole in the growing medium using a pencil or your finger that is deep enough to hold the bottom one-third of the Marble Queen pothos cutting. Stick the severed end of the stem into the hole and gently firm the growing mixture against it.

How do you propagate Marble Queen?

It’s really easy to propagate marble queen pothos in water, and any other pothos for that matter. You can even leave marble queen pothos in water permanently, but they won’t grow as fast or as large. To start, take a pair of clean scissors to cut about a quarter-inch below a node on a stem that has a few leaves.

When should I repot my Marble Queen pothos?

I generally repot my Pothos every 2-3 years. As the trails grow longer, the roots grow more extensive.

Can pothos plants be divided?

It’s one of those plants you can just pinch a leaf and node from and hand to a friend. If they stick it in soil or water to root, soon they’ll have a pothos plant of their own. Pothos plants can also be easily divided when re-potting to produce new plants.

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Should I mist my Marble Queen pothos?

‘Marble Queen’ pothos thrives when humidity is between 40% to 60%. You may notice that brown leaf tips appear when humidity is low. Here are some ways to ensure proper humidity levels for ‘Marble Queen’ pothos: Mist the leaves— About once or twice a week, spray a fine mist around the leaves to hydrate them properly.

Why is my Marble Queen pothos yellow?

The most common cause of yellowing leaves among Pothos plants is improper soil moisture –in particular, overwatering. Only water your Pothos when the top 25% of the soil in the pot is dry. Alternating between bone dry and wet soil from ill-timed waterings can create stress and cause the leaves of your Pothos to yellow.

Are Marble Queen and Snow Queen the same?

The main difference between the Snow Queen and Marble Queen pothos is the leaves. Snow Queen has more white color on the leaves whereas Marble Queen pothos has about the same amount of green and white. Also, the Marble Queen is more likely to be called cream than white.

Does Marble Queen pothos like humidity?

The Marble Queen will do well with standard indoor levels of humidity, about 40% – 60%, but prefers slightly higher humidity levels.

How do I get more Marble Queen white?

Your marble queen pothos is not getting enough light to maintain the white variation in its leaves. Move your plant to a brighter location and the new leaves should be white and green again.

Why is my Marble Queen pothos not growing?

Too little water is a common cause of stunted Pothos plants. These tropical plants require filtered light, high humidity, and grow best in temperatures of 70 to 90 degrees F. (21-32 C.). All plant growth is diminished in temperatures above or below those listed.

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How do you keep Marble Queen pothos white?

Giving your Queen plenty of bright, indirect light helps immensely. Avoid sunlight directly hitting those leaves though or sunburn is very likely. These gorgeous girls thrive on high humidity (low humidity is another cause of browning, but usually the tips, not the edges or whole patches in the middle).

How do you revive Marble Queen pothos?


  1. Remove damaged leaves.
  2. Firstly water your plant to regain its moisture.
  3. Water the plant until you see it coming out from the bottom and water once again.
  4. Mist around the plant to improve the condition of the plant.
  5. Draining water is essential.
  6. Use under watering/bottom watering method.

How can I make my pothos grow faster?

There are 6 ways you can speed up the growth of your Pothos:

  1. Use a nutritional growing medium.
  2. Provide sufficient bright, indirect sunlight.
  3. Keep room temperature between 70°F – 90°F.
  4. Don’t overwater – only water when the soil has dried out.
  5. Feed the plant with a balanced fertilizer every 2-3 months.
  6. Keep pests at bay.

Why does my pothos only have one vine?

If it’s just one cutting then it will be only one ‘vine’. You need to cut it to promote more growth. If I were you I’d cut it close to the top of the soil, but leave at least a couple of leave on it. This should make a few shoots come out of the stump that’s left.

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