Readers ask: My Time At Portia Where To Find Marble?

Is my time at Portia LGBT?

“My Time at Portia features a player-character who can be male or female, and who can romance men and women NPCs. Although there are no explicitly queer characters in the game world, there are some queer-coded characters.

Where is the quarry in Portia?

Quarrying tools Small, medium, and large rocks can be found along the outside of the Portia city walls and inside the Collapsed Wasteland.

Where can I get sulfate in my time at Portia?

Sulfate can be obtained by quarrying large orange rocks in the Eufaula Desert. Sulfate is also commonly dropped by Chemical Dropout in the Sewage Plant, uncommonly by Flame Variants in Ingall’s Mine, rarely by Redrats, and commonly by Spladers and Piggyback Frogs.

Where can I find a broom my time at Portia?

Obtaining. Broom can be found on the floor of the Civil Corps building during the Fixing Ack mission.

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Is there romance in my time in Portia?

My time at Portia has a plethora of choices when it comes to romance options, a impressive 18 bachelors and 10 bachelorettes.

Is my time in Portia worth it?

It also is pretty satisfying, early on in the game you get to assemble a bridge and then it unlocks another area for you. You really feel like you have an impact on the town when you take on these missions and most of them are quite time intensive so it is good that the payoff is rewarding.

Where can I find sapphires Portia?

Obtaining. Sapphire can be mined from large Crystal deposits on Amber Island and in the Collapsed Wasteland as a rare additional drop. Sapphire can be grown on a Crystella Tree as a rare additional drop. Keeping the Crystella Tree fully fertilized the entire growth period increases the chance of dropping Sapphire.

Where can I find igneous rock Portia?

Igneous Rock is an item foraged from the outdoors in Portia. It can be found by breaking the red-tinged rocks on the Western Plateau. It is required when crafting Igneous Brick.

Where can I find sulfates?

Sulfate is found in most fresh water supplies. Some regions have higher sulfate levels than others. In foods, sulfate is present as the salts of sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, ammonium, and potassium.

How do you get to the desert Portia?

The Portia Bridge To be able to travel to the desert, the player must complete The Portia Bridge and wait for the bridge to be finished. The player will need to have a Level 3 Worktable to complete the mission.

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How do you make an arm stretcher my time at Portia?

Obtaining. Arm Stretcher can be crafted using the Worktable. Arm Stretcher can also be given to the player as a gratitude gift for completing a commission.

How do I upgrade my Portia ack my time?

After completing the mission, Ack will have a new option when spoken to: Upgrade (this option is only available while he is hired as the player’s helper). Upgrade allows Ack to learn new skills or provide additional information. He will start with the Automated Cooking upgrade active.

Where can I buy milk Portia?

Obtaining. Milk may be awarded for catching cows and calves during the roping mini-game at McD’s Jumpin’ Livestock south of Sophie’s Ranch. Fully grown cows in the Shed produce one Milk per day. McDonald will occasionally send the player Milk once they became buddies.

How do you get wildflowers in Portia?

Wildflowers can be purchased at Alice’s Flower Shop.

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