What Happened To Marble Hornets?

Are Marble Hornets done?

More videos on YouTube. These videos were some of the first entries into Marble Hornets, an early fictional YouTube horror series that garnered a cult following and boasts a vibrant fandom across platforms even today. The series ran for five years, finishing on June 20th, the same date it began.

Is Jay alive Marble Hornets?

Jay Merrick was the main protagonist of the Marble Hornets ARG and the central point of view for most the series until his disappearance in Entry #80 and Entry #83 where his death was confirmed.

Did Marble Hornets burn down a house?

Jay’s Apartment is a location in the Marble Hornets ARG that acts as a base of operations for Jay in the first season of the series, but is burned down at the end of season one. Several interesting events happen here, prompting Jay to label it unsafe. Nobody is stated to live with Jay in the apartment.

Does Masky have a disorder?

Facts. Tim is schizophrenic. Tim uploads the last video of the series. Tim Sutton plays Tim Wright in the series.

Who is Skully Marble Hornets?

Skully is an identity adopted by the main antagonist of the comic series, Marble Hornets. They first appear in Issue #1, stalking Jessica on her delivery run. Their true identity is the identities of those who lost their lives to The Operator, including Jay, Amy, Beardy, and Alex.

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Are there jump scares in Marble Hornets?

There are multiple instances of sudden loud noises and distortion throughout the series. There are also instances of people jumping suddenly attacking the main character.

Is always watching a Marble Hornets story on Netflix?

Scary Movies on Netflix — ALWAYS WATCHING: A MARBLE HORNETS STORY (2015)

Who is hoodie from Creepypasta?

The nickname Hoodie was fan-made since the character was originally just addressed as “the hooded figure”. The names “Hoodie” and ‘Masky” were eventually accepted by THAC as canon. He was created by THAC for the ARG Marble Hornets. Contrary to popular belief Hoodie is not a creepypasta character nor a proxy.

What is Hoodie’s real name Creepypasta?

Hoody is the secondary anti-heroic antagonist in the horror webseries Marble Hornets. He is the alter-ego of Brian Thomas, the former partner of Masky and quite possibly the YouTube user totheark.

Where did they film Marble Hornets?

Where Marble Hornets was filmed, in and around Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

What camera was used in Marble Hornets?

You are bidding on the camera used by Jay in all three seasons of Marble Hornets, a Sony HDR-SR5. It is also the actual camera used to shoot all footage in the series not on the gopro chest cam.

What is Clearlake 44?

Clear Lakes 44 is a series created by THAC, and is the sequel to Marble Hornets. Details about the show are scarce, and it is unknown who the protagonists or antagonists are. The show is being uploaded to the Marble Hornets YouTube channel.

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