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Montana River Rock

  1. Cobble rock from pea gravel up to one-man rock
  2. Bagged product from pea gravel to one inch
  3. Veneer river rock

River rock stones are soft round stones with a smooth texture, found in riverbeds and consisting of a variety of different kinds of stones. The most common river rocks used in landscaping and decorative construction are made of granite. Granite belongs to the “intrusive” category of igneous rock, which means it formed below the earth’s surface as magma slowly cooled and crystallized. Granite river rocks can have a speckled or banded appearance due to the coarse grains of minerals, usually quartz and feldspar, that form the granite composite. This composite nature results in a huge variance in coloration, with hues ranging from gray and black to white, green, purple and russet.

Residential or Commercial Applications

Their distinctive shapes and contrasting colors will add rustic charm to fireplaces, columns, and stone facades for that country stone cottage look in the county or in the city.  Also great for landscaping and decorative construction.

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Natural Stone - Montana River Rock

Natural Stone - Montana River Rock