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Basalt Columns


Basalt is a dense igneous volcanic rock formed from hardened lava. Columns are found in areas where lava cooled quickly, resulting in contraction and horizontal fracturing. These columns have attractive 5 and 6 sided shapes with a thin outside layer ranging from beige to red and black, often displaying an array of color.

Natural Stone - Autumn Creek Flagstone

Autumn Creek Flagstone

Flagstone is a sedimentary sandstone that contains feldspar and quartz, often cemented together with calcium, silica or iron oxide, which can be split into thin layers. Autumn Creek patio flagstone is a bluish gray bodied stone that has a wide variation of brown and gold tones to a dark burgundy range and comes in 3 other flagstone grades.

Idaho Quartzite 1.5m lay-flats

Idaho Quartzite

This metamorphic stone has deep lustrous colors of silvery grays, coppery golds, yellows and frosty whites. The stone comes from Idaho and Utah and is available in thicknesses for either a concrete or sand application.

Montana Chief Cliff Veneer

Montana Chief Cliff

Chief Cliff is an exceptionally durable dark grey quartzite. It contains iron oxides (rust and other minerals) which can be seen in streaks and on exposed surfaces, and is characterized by rich earth tones.

Natural Stone - Montana River Rock

Montana River Rock

River rock stones are soft round stones with a smooth texture, found in riverbeds and consisting of a variety of different kinds of stones. The most common river rocks used in landscaping and decorative construction are made of granite.

Pennsylvania Bluestone

Pennsylvania Bluestone

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a layered sandstone found only in the northeastern tier of Pennsylvania, parts of northern New Jersey and the southern tier of New York.